It just got real

Our 2019 camino was postponed because of the chance to do some incredible scuba diving at Layang Layang Island, off Malaysian Borneo.  It turned out that the diving was closer to “pretty good” than “incredible” and we had some troubles that cut short two of the three weeks but it was too late to change plans quickly and walk during our usual time period.    We looked at alternative timing and aimed for mid-September and October but it was a small window, squeezed in between some more scheduled diving and potential cold weather when crossing over the French Alps.  Some small medical issues also made the trip a bit sketchy but it’s all systems go now.

I just bought the tickets for the flights.  That means we are going even if we get stuck taking ground transportation other than our boots.  As it stands now, the cheapest tickets we could get is an overnight flight on Swiss International through Zurich to Milan.  We’ll head straight into town to the for a rest a day and to get over jet-lag.  The next day we will take a one hour train east to Vercelli then do a short 10km walk.  After that, we’re walking for a month to Montpellier.

It’s really happening.  I better start working on Duolingo!  Italian AND French – momma mia!  What have we done?

6 thoughts on “It just got real

  1. Here we go again. My! My!

    Good luck guys. I’ll keep my boots firmly planted. These boots are’nt made for walking.

    Bon Voyage



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