Starting out at the planning stage

Melanie & I have been thinking about returning to Spain for the past half year so that we could walk another Camino. Ever since we completed the 800km Camino Frances in September, 2012 I have been planning to return. Once Melanie hit on the idea of returning to her “homeland” of Portugal, she was fully on board too. Now we have scheduled to complete the Camino Portugues from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela in September 2014. We’re also planning to walk to Finisterra and/or Muxia after Santiago. That’s so I can get closer to another 800km walk.

With any luck, and if it is easy enough to do, I’ll update the blog with our plans, planning and walking. The aim is to help future pilgrims with their planning as well as to document our experiences while walking. It may prove too difficult on an iPhone while on the trail but we’ll see.

So far, we have already booked the flights through Zurich to Lisbon (Swiss Air) on 2 September and returning 8 October. Booking these from Singapore was much cheaper on compared to booking direct with the airlines. The savings of S$2,200 will pay for our meals and lodging for the whole Camino so it’s free, right?!?!?! We’ve also booked the first 2 nights accommodation before the walk starts in Lisbon through It’s the first time we’ve used that website and it looks like a good deal. We’ll have a private apartment that is in the very old section of town, close to the Cathedral. The Lisbon Cathedral is the starting point for the Camino and I didn’t want to have extra distance to walk.

Rereading this post before publishing makes me think that I may just be the only person reading it. Ugggghh!

3 thoughts on “Starting out at the planning stage

  1. There is life out there!!!! Thanks mosaikmum. I hope the blog either informs or entertains. At minimum, it should give you something to help you sleep at night. :p Bom Cominho!


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