Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go…

Other than a few odds and ends, we’re ready to get onto the plane tonight.  I’m not as convinced that we’re ready to walk but I think most pilgrims feel the same way about this time.  I can’t believe that I really left it to the last day to really tear the house apart to find my rain pants but I’m happy to say they did eventually turn up – right where I looked three previous times and right where they were supposed to be.  There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Melanie has her bag weighed in at 10kg.  There are a bunch of purists that would insist that she has over-packed by at least 4.5kg but we find it humorous that those same purist also do things like cut tooth brushes in half to save weight.  We don’t care because Melanie carried 12kg last time and had no significant trouble.  Two years later and two kg lighter, this should be a breeze.  Okay, maybe a strong wind or even a tornado.  We’ll see. 

My bag is 12kg which is the same as the last Camino.  That’s no surprise as I am carrying almost the exact same things.  I think I have one more pair of sock liners, a pair of arm covers, a buff but only one pair of long pants, rather than two.  I found out while climbing to Orisson two years ago that I hate walking in long pants.  I know that my bag is supposed to be no more than 10% of my body weight but carrying 12kg just means that I am not fat enough.

One thing that is different this time is that I plan to carry on my backpack on the plane.  I have both of our walking sticks in a sealed PVC tube along with a few liquids, scissors, and other “dangerous” materials.  Hopefully, we will find someplace in Lisbon to store that when we get there so that we can use it on the way back to Singapore too.

As usual, I have all the data printed out for the first two days in Lisbon, e.g., how to use the subway from the airport to the apartment we rented, contact details for the landlord, where to get the credencials, how to get a local SIM card, etc.  Based on information from amother pilgrim who walked this route in Spring, I booked an apartment around the corner from the Se Cathedral, the starting point of the Caminho.  As she did, I used airbnb.com for the first time.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  It’s a splurge at the beginning of the trip but we are looking forward to using it to help get over jet lag.

I also have all the details on how to get busses and trains back from Muxia / Finsterra to Santiago, Santiago to Fatima, Santiago to Lisbon and Lisbon to Fatima.  That last clue should tell you that we plan to visit Fatima after the walk.  I’m in desperate need of miracles.

No, if only I could find my sunglasses…

1 thought on “Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go…

  1. M&M
    Best wishes to both of you or should I say Buen Camino (or whatever they say in Portuguese!)
    When we were in Portugal after our camino in 2007, we saw the yellow arrow in a small town (name forgotten now) and wondered who would walk this far from Santiago.
    Now we know.
    Keep posting the journal and photos so that we can follow you step by step.
    How I miss the camino!


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