The Faces

When I originally set up this page, I named it “Faces & Places” because I intended to take lots of photos of the people of Portugal and Spain who we met along the Way.  I normally take portraits of people using a Canon 40D DSLR and a telephoto lens to ensure the candidness of the picture.  I wanted to capture the smiles, frowns, questioning looks, scowls, wrinkles, whatever.  Do you know how much my camera gear weighs????  When I came to my senses before leaving for Lisbon, I decided just to use my iPhone as my camera.  I can get somewhat decent landscapes with it but candid portraits are impossible.  It was a wise decision.  However, a day or two before arriving in Santiago, I had an idea.  I would include photos of all our friends that we met and walked with in the blog.  They would be my Faces.  I rarely take photos of fellow pilgrims but, other than Melanie, they are the people who make the Caminho special.  This is their post.  I honor them and I love them, every one of them.  To the others who I was not able to get a photo of, I count you in that too (Ursula, Irish “Wrong Way” Tony, Peter & Hilda, Senor Sanchez and Madam Canuck, the Singing Italians, the speedy Irish girls, the German map reader, the bicyclists, the Fatima-bound pilgrims, etc.). 

Also included are the wonderful people of Portugal and Spain who helped us along the way.  We remember the coronel who took us through the army base, the women who gave us water and grapes, the café owner who opened just for us on a Sunday, the hospitaleras, the pharmacists who gave us advice, the doctor, nurses and administrator at the hospital in Tomar, the people who gave us directions whether asked for or not, every angel along the Way.  Thank you, muchas gracias, thank you, muito obrigado, thank you.

Marcelo & Carlos 

The Belgians!


Carlos & Marta
Ezequiel & San Pedro


Ian & Jenny

Juslene & the Germans

The Mexican ladies
Mike & Anna

Michelle (and her invisible Mother)
Margarita & Pedro

Tom (and invisible Ursula)


Irish and Victoria

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