There is no turning back

Earlier today, I booked our flights to Barcelona, train tickets to Zumarraga, our first night’s accommodation there (Hotel Extiberri) and the second night’s accommodation in Loyola (Hotel Arrupe). The cost of all that means there is no backing out now as I am too cheap to let things I paid for go to waste. 

We arrive in Barcelona early on 15 April. I figure we’ll have six hours buffer to catch the train to Zumarraga from Barcelona’s Sante Station. That station is only a 20 minute metro ride from the airport so there is time for a delay in the flight. By the time we get to Zumarraga, it will be evening time so I don’t want to try to find a taxi in the small village to take us to Loyola then. We’ll deal with that in the morning after a good sleep. We’ll also stay a day in Loyola before starting the 650 km walk.  This will give us further time to get over jet lag as well as to see the Basilica, Ignatius’ home and other sights. 

There is no backing out now.

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