Feeling nervous

We depart for Spain in exactly one week and I am really sure we are not prepared.  Having spent the last three weeks scuba diving in Thailand, we haven’t done any of the usual training. 

Walking is walking and we are not too worried about the 20-30km days.  That lack of worry should be sign that we are in trouble but we can always walk slower or do lower distances for a few days.

Carrying the backpack is not a concern either as it weighs a lot less than our dive gear.  Based on past walks, we know it will take a week or so before we barely notice that we are carrying the load. 

The problem with not training is that our feet are not conditioned for the mileage in our boots.  We have been barefoot for three weeks except for the occasional time on land and in flip flops.  The potential for blisters is great even though were are using our old, broken in-boots.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?

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