On our way!

Departure day nerves

As always, the last 24 hours before departure for a Camino is a bit hectic and nerve wracking. What have I forgotten?  What didn’t I plan for?  Where the heck are my socks?!?

We never plan for much of the route but we do try to make room reservations at places for the first night or two before we start walking. I also had to make reservations for the last night in Barcelona before returning to Singapore. This is so that I can leave a shipping tube there while we walk.  Our tube, homemade out of drainpipe PVC and end-caps houses our walking sticks and other bits and pieces that can’t be carried on a plane. I don’t want to carry it while we walk but it’s useful on the return flight too.

Hectic stuff on the last day includes having to search for those things that you “know exactly where they are” but they never are.  Today’s rush was for sock liners.  We eventually found them but it was hard getting three decent pairs together. The pairs with a few miles left in them were put away for practice walks but I had to go out and buy another pair.  I didn’t hold out much hope in Singapore but I did find some Icebreaker merino wool ultra-thin liners. Yeah.

We’ve just arrived at Singapore Changi Airport so whatever we have forgotten now, it’s too late.  We either have to buy it in Spain or do without. That actually calms me down completely. If I can’t do anything about something, I don’t worry about it anymore.

Camino Ignaciano, here we come.  BTW, yesterday would have been my Dad’s 85th birthday. He and I went to the same Jesuit high school and college. He will very much be in my thoughts over the next month. I am trying hard to live up to his high standards of being a man for others.

2 thoughts on “On our way!

  1. You are on your way. St. Ignatius won't let you down. Very nice remembrance of your father. I'm sure he would approve. Now just walk and enjoy.

    Buen Camino Ignaciano,


  2. Gracias John. So far, so good. We're sitting in a small cafe across from the Barcelona Sants train station now. Our train to Zumaragga departs in four hours do there is time to kill.


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