19 August – More mud

From a Facebook message to family:

We did the same today and finished the one house. We’ll try to take tomorrow off for some sightseeing at Hemis and Stok. Then Saturday and maybe Sunday help out again. Monday morning we head to Delhi and then Wednesday (or maybe Tuesday) to Singapore. I can’t wait for 24 hours of electricity, cold drinks, scuba diving and not having to gasp for oxygen. Incidentally, neither Melanie nor I had any problem with altitude sickness and we have been relatively free of stomach problems for the whole month. Climbing mountains (at 5,000m) or shoveling mud (at 3,500m) is darn hard work though. With the little sicknesses I have had, the exercise I have gotten and mainly a vegetarian diet, I bet I have lost several kilos. We’ll see back in Singapore too.

Our incredibly generous partners in the mudpits:

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