28 July – Back to Leh

After taking some photos of the scenery from the roof of the hotel, we left to head back to Leh, again over the Khardung-la Pass.  On the way down the other side, we stopped a few times to get out and walk – or run uncontrollably – down the steep sections, shortcutting the long cut-backs that the cars had to do. 
We were joined – sort of – on the trip back to Leh by Justin, an Australian videographer who knows Khandro-la.  He had arrived in Diskit during the Dalai Lam’s Sermon on the Mount and I believe he is coming with us to document the eye clinic in Tsomoriri.  The one difference is he is travelling by motorbike.  I’m glad I’m not riding one of those over these mountains.
After the long drive, we were ready to rest at nighttime but we did a little shopping and walking around the old part of town.  Most of it Melanie & I had seen the day after we arrived but with Khandro-la give a play-by-play, it had extra meaning.

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