5 August – Resting, partying and looking forward to our trek

There was no eye clinic today.  Everyone has been seen but the doctor was still dealing with a few of the more serious problems, arranging follow-up in Leh or Delhi or patching up wounds.  We mostly hung out in the tent camp and in the village, taking photos of the nomads and their families. 

In the late afternoon, we were again being treated with a performance and dancing in a field near the town.  This was a present to us and the townsfolk from the mayor and included nomads in traditional clothing doing centuries-old dances.  Again, everyone from the town was there and yet again, everyone was held up because Khandro-la needed to make a grand entrance.  I’m happy to be going back to Leh soon and be done with her.  Every single person just stood around while her highness finished having a prayer meeting in the Dalai-Lama’s residence and then casually walked over to the event about an hour later than expected.  From more than a kilometre away, we all watched the entourage eventually walking over like they were on a Sunday stroll without a care in the world although Kanya and Justin seemed to be speedier than the others.  They actually looked embarrassed when they arrived but the others didn’t even notice the waiting crowd.  Melanie and I were supposed to be in the prayer meeting too but we decided to play hooky.  We win.

Finally, from a distance


That’s not a reflection on his glasses, that’s a sticker showing they are brand new

The Mayor

A novice monk sporting his new shades

Every town has a drunk that wants to dance

I love this guy

I love this face

I love this waif

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