Six weeks to go. Should we get ready?

Well, we were doing pretty well in preparing for our walk. As always though, little curve balls always seem to come out of left field late in the fourth quarter just as we’re about to shoot the winning basket. Or something like that.

In early January, I went in for my annual eye exam. My eyesight has been getting poor lately but I was still surprised when the doctor said that it was time to fix the cataract in my right eye. I’ve had vision problems and operations since I was six years old and I still don’t like doctors digging around in there. Surgery was scheduled for the end of January so I spent that month doing a fair bit of walking and climbing stairs. After the operation, I had been told that no exercise was allowed from a full month. That was just long enough to lose any stamina, strength and shape that I had built up. Buggers.

I just had my one month review yesterday and I got the all clear to go back to full exercise and regular daily activities. The doctor says that my eye is perfect. I am not as sure but at least I can get back to walking… as soon as I finish all the household maintenance that has been on hold too. We’ll see how that works out. All scuba has been on hold too so at least we aren’t spending all our prep time on a boat.

To get me back in the right mind, I celebrated last night by booking train tickets from Paris to Montpellier, a hotel room in Montpellier for two nights to get over jet lag and a hotel in Paris for our last night in France. In between is up in the air and will stay that way until a day or two in advance.

Six weeks. Time to get moving again.

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