Back in the land of tiny showers

Italy (and Spain and France and Portugal) will always be the lands of magical walks and tiny showers for me. Seriously, I’ve been on dive boats with bigger bathrooms and showers. Of course, I used to work on the White Manta boats that had bigger bathrooms than we have at home but before that, the old boats, they still outshone European hotel bathrooms.

Arriving in Milan, we did some quick walking in the sunshine and tourist things as soon as we got here, then in the afternoon, came back to the hotel to clean up and rest a bit. That’s when I was able to clean myself from mid-thigh and up. Bending over to scrub lower than that would have resulted in a concussion. I’ll just have to avoid getting dirty down there.

For anyone following us, the tip of the day is to take the train from Milan airport to Central, rather than the bus. The bus was 10€ each but it was a zoo to get onto. There must have been 120 people waiting for a 60 person bus and when it came, it was an ugly scramble. Many people had tickets to a different bus but tried their luck anyway. The last time we were in Milan, I don’t recall any issue with the train.

Peace y’all.

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