Day 3.5 – Playing tourist in Turin

These don’t count but my iPhone says that I did 14,696 steps and 8.3km today. I should have turned on the Garmin watch and made these official.

We always planned this as a tourist day but wondered when it arrived if we would just keep walking and save the extra day for when we needed it. Nah, we stopped for the day. With yesterday’s late arrival and need for a laundromat, we didn’t have time for anything else. We needed to get to a bank and we wanted to see the Basilica and the Shroud Museum. We took the planned rest day and did all those things.

The bank we needed was 2km further down the trail, the museum was 1km from the hotel back down near yesterday’s trail and the Basilica was a further 1km beyond the museum. That’s how we got our mileage in. We also slept in a little later, found a nice sidewalk cafe for breakfast and another for lunch as well as a gelateria. We are carbo-loading for the mountains. We managed to arrive at the museum just after the start of their break (noon to 3pm) and to the Basilica just before their afternoon break (1 to 4pm). We got kicked out before we got to the Shroud. All is good though. We just hang around and ate until we could get in those places. The Basilica’s souvenir store also held a stamp for our credentials.

Now, all we have to do is find another sidewalk cafe for dinner.

Peace y’all.

A cool facade with a…

A close-up of the dragon guard

The Basilica of St. John the Baptist

…with another cool doorway.

The Art Museum in the old Savoy royal palace

Another palace, another museum.

The shrouded Shroud. This is as close as will get to a viewing. Still cool though.

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