Day 18 – A semi-rest day in Porto – Porto to Matosinhos (21 September, 10km, 2 1/2 hours)

We took it easy today with a sleep in (to 7:00am), a buffet breakfast and a ten kilometer walk through the city up to Matosinhos. After the walk we had a great lunch in a very local restaurant in that town on the coast northwest of Porto. One thing I learned today was that I need to be careful with menus where I can not translate a single word. I tried my old favorite trick of just pointing out a random dish and saying, “I’ll have that”. “That” today meant rabbit, and that was a first for me.  Portuguese rabbit tastes pretty good but I just kept seeing old Floppy every time I cut off a piece.

For those following us, forget what you have read about taking the train to Matosinhos and starting there. The walk through the city was enjoyable, even during the heat of the day. The old buildings, the people, the parks, the transition from the bustle of the city out to the suburbs, etc. is all worth the effort.

Our “river view” from the fancy hotel

Walking towards Matosinhos and the ocean near the Douro River in Porto

The Porta (gate to the city) in Matosinhos

A rainbow appeared just before the heavens opened tonight on Porto