31 July – Saboo & the family

Today was mostly a quiet day of rest, other than visiting Jigmet’s family in Saboo.  All the extended family was there and Mom kept offering food to us at every turn.  The thing I will remember most from our visit though is the picture of one of the children on the wall.  Now most folks are proud enough of their children to put a photo of them on the wall but this one was special.  In this portrait, the two year-old child was carefully posed, sitting on the family’s brand new toilet.  We also had a good time playing with the kids outside.  I took turns with them taking photos.  The youngest girl turns out to be a better photographer than I am.  She took my favorite portrait of myself!

Just before bed, I sent a note on Facebook to friends and family because we would not be on-line for a while.  It read “So far, so good in India. I met the Dali Lama (along with 150 other people), climbed mountains to monasteries and got the most interesting $1 haircut ever. Next up is a week living with nomads in Tsomoriri (5,000m) and 9 days trekking in the Markha Valley.”  I am really looking forward to the next portion of our trip.

Some of my young photographer’s fantastic portraits:

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