Day 10 – La-Salvetat-sur-Agoût to Anglès, 19.0km, 5.75hrs, 23 April

(Posted a day late but in a REAL hotel in Castres with REAL wi-fi! I’ll catch up on today’s post later this evening)

We had a lot of excellent trails today sandwiched by a little too much road walking. The first third and the last third of the walk were on roads, mostly quiet ones that rarely see cars but some on busy streets. In between, the middle third had fantastic hilly, not mountainous, forest trails that had a perfect variety of terrain.

It was a short walk today, starting after a breakfast of delicate crepes, delicious bread, butter and a variety of marmalades. Last night’s hostess, as promised, drove us to the exact spot in Le-Salvetat where she dropped us off yesterday. We briefly thought about visiting our friends at Auberge des Consuls but decided to let them sleep. They are closed on Mondays. And Tuesdays. And Wednesdays too. They have a good life.

For those following us closely, don’t arrive in Anglès on a Monday. Chez Fati chambres d’hôtes is temporarily closed although they have demi-pension. La Bastide Saint-Paul is open but it is only a bed and breakfast / gîte (but a very good one, IMHO, with one bedroom and one dorm for 8 people). The only restaurant is closed on Mondays so dinner is a bit of a problem. Also, the only restaurant in the next town, Boissezon, is closed on Tuesday nights. Melanie and Jerry are food shopping at the moment. Edited to add that I just saw in the guide book that the restaurant in Anglès is actually closed Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Good luck.)

Melanie just got back from buying some pasta, pâté, potato chips, apples and cheese for dinner. She wanted to buy bread but was told that she had to buy that at the bakery. Another customer helped translate the directions. She told Melanie to walk up the road next to the church, turn right at the street after the church, walk 30 meters until the small alley, go up that alley to the plaza and the bakery is on the other side of the square. The helpful woman then checked to make sure Melanie knew the way, then she reminded Melanie that the bakery is closed until tomorrow. How helpful is that!?!?

One thing about France that is bugging me is wi-fi. We seem to have a semi-decent connection every other day, at best. Last night, trying to type in a stupid password about 40 times made my blood boil. I can still remember it but I am sure it will never work: rydtelkovshopzowtod5. Today’s doesn’t work either. I asked if the password was capital letters or small, and if the spaces where really there, the host said that he thinks that it doesn’t matter. He has never used wi-fi in his life, I think. We couldn’t get the password to work so we really didn’t want to try too many times. This is what he wrote down for us as a password: EC3R R435 2714 DEF6 85FN DJ6B 5V6Z AC. I can’t try that too many times.

That’s as best as I can do for today. Peace y’all.

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