Day 24.5 – Playing tourist in Arles

There isn’t much to report today other than we enjoyed our day off and the old town of Arles. We slept in, slowly got out of bed and thumbed our noses at our boots, backpacks and walking sticks. We enjoyed the farmers’ market, the Roman Amphitheater (arena), the outdoor Roman theater, the Baths of Constantine, the underground corridors below the Roman forum, the 12th century Cathedral of Saint-Trophime, the 2,000 year old ramparts and gates to the walled city, and lots of places to eat. I took too many photos but I tried to limit the number I was posting. Seriously, these are just a sample.

If you have a pub quiz night coming up, remember that the amphitheater in Arles was the twentieth largest in Roman times. I only previously knew about the Coliseum in Rome. This arena was used as squatters’ homes after the Roman Empire ended. In the 19th century, the town council decided to save whatever Roman remnants in the town that could be found so they kicked the squatters out. The building is used today for some concerts and bullfights. At the same time, it is slowly being renovated and protected from any further damage.

Here are SOME of my photos from the day:

Peace y’all.

1 thought on “Day 24.5 – Playing tourist in Arles

  1. Hi tourists. Trust alls well. Thanks for these pics. This amphitheater seems much better preserved than the one in Rome. Cheers Jerry

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